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The RuneScape community has always been passionate

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Runescape is one of those games that has been around for quite a long time now and has been given a new face several times over. Our current release of Runescape is Runescape 3 with updated graphics, combat system and quests that are gradually all being given top quality voice acting and music. Generally I’ll be looking at this game from a F2P point of view but bare in mind that the members side of things gives a lot of additional content including mini-games, higher tiered equipment, additional resources and means of levelling up at higher levels and things like player owned houses and a huge map area.

Offering over 150 worlds with locations ranging across the globe, the universal access to your character eliminates the problem of having friends and family already established in the game – on a different server! They’ve also implemented server “themes,” making it quick and easy to find a place full of other players with the same objectives. The java-based play also sets Runescape apart; which allows users with slower connections and older computers access to a game when they otherwise may have failed to run, unlike other more graphic-intensive alternatives. You now have the option of choosing what abilities to use, using your hotkeys and needing to keep an eye on things, pressing your keyboard is a major rework of RuneScape combat system and one that I use over the old system.

Combat within RuneScape has changed over the years. It was the same for more than 10 years up until the release of the RuneScape Combat Update. Let’s talk about the old combat system and then we’ll move onto the new combat system. Bear in mind, that of June/July 2015, you can choose which combat system you want. The old combat system is what most MMOs refer to as auto-attacks. You simply clicked on an enemy and your character would attack an enemy until you or it was dead. There was no major interaction with the old combat system and it was very much ‘click and wait’. Now however, we have a combat system that is more like the other MMOs out there. With the introduction of the action bar and abilities, we now have a more interactive combat system.

When a player first starts in the dungeon, they are given basic low level items. The dungeons are not just combat-oriented, skills also play a big part of the gameplay. In the various rooms there are raw materials that can be gathered and the player can craft better items. Dungeon rooms can also contain puzzles that range from the easy to the head-scratchingly hard. There are rooms with a sliding tile puzzle, follow the leader game (copying a set of emotes), fixing a light rhythm obelisk, mazes, lever puzzles, broken bridges that must be fixed, ghosts that have to be put to rest, riddles, and more. Customizable keybinds are now available for associating inventory items, combat choices, etc to keyboard letters and numbers, once again pulling gameplay further away from its point-and click nature.

Ogilvie describes the process of measuring player behaviour as “like counting green Waitrose tokens” – referring to the way that the supermarket chain uses plastic coins to allow customers to vote where its charity money gets spent. RuneScape 3 will work similarly, using in-game stat-gathering to direct development. In a sense, using user data to guide ongoing development isn’t new: it’s common sense, and it’s what Jagex already do. However, using it to directly guide narrative is smart. The RuneScape community has always been passionate, and one of the best demonstrations of that energy is the game’s long history of rioting: over the years, players have gathered to protest everything from PvP changes to bug fixes. They’re vocal and they already believe that in-game action can lead to in-game change, but in the past, the gods they’ve been revolting against have been the game’s developers.

If you’re planning to return to RuneScape after years away or just to give it a go for the first time, I highly recommend using the downloadable HTML 5 beta client. Though the game can technically be played in a browser, the standalone client runs a lot more smoothly and comes with all the high-resolution textures, anti-aliasing, and bloom effects of the online HTML 5 version. Also remember that a lot of the content is still behind the subscription paywall, though the $7.95 (£4.95) per month fee is around half what you’d pay for any other subscription MMO.

The changes to RuneScape engine and interface are about future proofing

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RuneScape has come a long way since it first saw the light of day in 2001, having seen hundreds of content updates and several major engine overhauls. Regular content updates have introduced nearly 200 quests, clan guild halls, player-designed battlegrounds, an endless dungeon system, open PvP areas, and dozens of new zones and minigames. The latest major updates have added a skill hotbar and customisable user interfaces to that list, in addition to kicking off a new round of quests with the Sixth Age storyline. “There’s a need to evolve what RuneScape is and how you interact with it,” explains senior game designer James Sweatman. “Everything is getting more accessible, more usable – gamers are a lot more suited to the games that are around now, and RuneScape needed to be part of that generational shift.”

To an extent, the changes to RuneScape Gold for sale engine and interface are about future proofing – or, at least, about catching up. RuneScape 3’s ace in the hole, the thing that will not only define it to the community but which also has the potential to bring a new audience to the game, is the way that Jagex are using their existing weekly update regimen to tell an ongoing, developer-supported story in a way that hasn’t been attempted before. “We’re the quiet dudes in Cambridge who just get on with it,” Mansell says. “RuneScape 3 is going to be where we talk to the wider world, step up our game a bit.”

Aiming to put more power in the hands of players and to create a more user-centered gaming environment, (presumably to get away from Runescape’s point-and-click nature), Jagex implemented game features that give the user options to customize gameplay and the aesthetic of his or her screen: August 2013: Divination skill was released, the first skill addition since Dungeoneering came about in 2010. The skill is a simple point-and-click one where players gather ‘energy’ from hot-spots in order to synthesize resources and rewards. Jagex promised users that the skill will be used in future quests and world events (like ‘The Bird and The Beast’ mentioned below).

Skills are undoubtedly the strong point of the game. In fact, there are more life skills than there are combat skills. For example, there is fishing, woodcutting, firemaking, herblore, smithing, mining, crafting, cooking, runecrafting, farming, construction, etc. If you love crafting, then you will love Runescape. Practically everything in the environment can be used as a source of raw materials and there are literally hundreds of items that players can make. I first logged into the game way back in 2007 and was introduced to the game by a few of my school friends. We used to play for a few hours a day – nothing too much – for each day, depending on what we were doing and if we had any free time.

The amount of content in RuneScape is another aspect of the game that I love. Many MMOs have big updates in the form of patches – maybe once every month or two, in order to increase the amount of content for the game. However with RuneScape, we have WEEKLY updates – and I don’t just mean the odd graphical update, a new item etc. I mean a full piece of content is released every week! From new areas, new quests, raids, a new skill, pets and more! This is what keeps the game fresh. Even if you have ‘completed’ the game (completionist cape etc.), there is always something more to do. One of the best things about the game is the amount of content.

Runescape is not unique in their battle against real-world traders; members of the community who play, often solely, for the purpose of selling in-game items and money to other players. This led to the implementation of “trade limits;” based on Quest points (earned by completing quests in-game), players are now limited on trade values available over the course of fifteen minutes. While this did much to reduce the occurrence of real-world trading, it greatly diminished the capacity for trades among legitimate players, especially in the event of outfitting and equipping a newbie.

RuneScape proudly draws its inspiration from classic role play games

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RuneScape is one of the most popular free-to-play Browser MMORPG, from the British development studio Jagex. Set in a detailed, medieval fantasy world of epic scale both geographically and historically, RuneScape proudly draws its inspiration from classic role-playing games to deliver a contemporary, innovative and original experience for millions of players across the globe, with a popular subscription option of even greater scale and ambition, both running directly within almost any computer’s browser. Users are ultimately excited to see the game evolve; however, many long-time players are frustrated with the changes, declaring that they complicate things a great deal and pull away from the original simple nature of the game.

The addition of the divination skill was met with great excitement and anticipation, but disappointed fans with its simplicity and lack of connection to other skills. Runescape holds an interesting place in my heart. I know the game is pretty terrible and that it is not fun, but I can’t help but go back to it occasionally. They have upgraded the game in significant ways before; buy RuneScape gold the two most important being the Grand Exchange and adding both active and passive skills. The latter actually added some depth to the game and made it a little more than just a point and click combat system. Ironically enough, one of the best skills seems to be a passive one that increases all damage as long as you don’t activate any skills, bringing the game back to square one.

Both members and free players can get free keys for Treasure Hunter (TH), pictured above. TH is a source of gold, cosmetic items, and bonus exp. Extra TH keys can be bought with real money but most people do not bother doing this. In terms of movement, this is one of the oldest parts of the game and hasn’t been updated in over 10 years. Rather than having the traditional WASD movement, you are required to click on an area of the screen you are wanting to go to. For example, walking forwards requires you to click on the screen, rather than just using the W key to move your character. This has put a lot of players off over the years and is one of the main reasons why RuneScape is seen as a ‘kids’ game or an old game – something for the 11-14 year olds to play. However, I do like the clickable way of movement in this game.

It’s something different. However – as the game world is made up of tiles, you can only walk in straight lines, no diagonal movement here. You also cannot jump in the game, which is not needed for the game that it is, but its an aspect that we have come accustomed to in almost every game available nowadays. To move the camera, you can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys. All in all, I am not bothered by the movement and it brings something different to the game – sets it apart from the others. With the cost of membership competitive with other MMORPGs, and an expansive list of options for the Free-2-Play crowd, there really is no good excuse to not sample or re-visit this popular game.

Taking into consideration the unique qualities of Runescape, and their commitment to evolving with the MMORPG community, I am forced to rate this game as a solid 7. It continues to bring me back, year after year, inspired by their continual changes to sample the game all over again. Runescape is a game that is friendly, content filled and constantly evolving into something better. There are very few micro transactions in the game and it’s not one of those ‘pay to win’ games that you often see. As a free to play game it of course has less content than the members version but there is still a lot to do and with no time limit or trial period it means you can play it for as long as you like with no downsides. The tutorial is interactive, simple to follow and thorough in how much it teaches you about the game and it’s a pretty easy game to get into without feeling too daunted. The ability to customize your character with a range of equipment means that no two players often look the same and overall the entire world feels alive and kicking, just what you want out of a multiplayer game. Overall, I rate this game highly as it is addictive, challenging and time consuming but in all the best ways possible.

The focus was once again to bring changes to the FIFA 16 pitch

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FIFA 16 is here at last. But what is so different about it compared to last year and just why should you be tempted into buying? With new features such as women’s football, ultimate team draft and invisible spray, FIFA 16 is becoming more like the real sport each year. However, these are minor changes and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify paying full price for the game each year, despite its obvious qualities. Before we dig deeper, let me tell you while the game did not get as many full ratings as Electronic Arts or the diehard fans of the game would have preferred, it has managed to get a substantially positive over all score.

While some applauded FIFA 16 by saying that its “breathtaking scope secures yet another silver pot for an already heaving trophy cabinet,” others followed a more realistic approach saying there “are no absolute game changers in the gameplay, but there is just enough to make the gameplay more authentic than ever.” Coming to the modes in FIFA 16, EA has added Draft into the ever-popular FIFA Ultimate Team scene where players can now, with an entry fee of 15,000 coins, start to draft top players instead of the long grind of the normal Ultimate Team variant where it takes weeks to do the same. It’s a brilliant way to get more casual players that are turned off by the amount of commitment Ultimate team requires to get some gold packs to use and build their squad. Career modes sees some changes in the form of weekly training sessions, using the built-in skill training from past FIFA’s, to train up to 5 players.

Managers can choose to focus on younger athletes to skyrocket their overall ratings, or keep the starting 11 as sharp as possible. Pre-season tournaments have also been added, where players can choose one of three invitations sent from around the world with various levels of payouts that are then added to the club’s transfer budget come the start of the transfer window opening. The addition of Women’s teams is also welcome and they play drastically different to the men’s game. While passing is not as tight, the games tend to be more exciting with insane goals and lots of interceptions keeping the matches alive for the entire 90 minutes. Additionally, FIFA Interactive World Cup, high-level ranked version of Seasons that holds a Grand Final every year, finally makes its next gen debut this season.

This year’s FIFA seems to be the best game the franchise has had in a while, and it seems to be taking complaints about the last few years’ games to heart. That said, given how extraordinarily good PES has turned out to be this year, we better hope FIFA brings its A game with it. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is now available from the Play Store for free with optional in-app purchases. These will allow you to purchase in-game currency to help speed up your progress, but these aren’t necessary to get the full FIFA experience. This year, one would have expected the boys at Konami to step it up a bit. It happened. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will now run at 900p and 60FPS on the Xbox One, which is a huge improvement over 720p. The resolution for the PlayStation 4 version is the same as the 2015 version, so all is well there.

The defensive AI has also been enhanced to play as a unit, with players dropping smartly into space rather than playing puppy dog with an attacker. Jockeying and player containment also feel more natural in this year’s game. These changes make tracking runs down the sideline less scary than previous iterations, as one can be reasonably sure that coverage will be decent in the centre of the field, and attackers feel less superhuman. Tackling itself is more satisfying as well, thanks to the option to fake a tackle and more diverse animations. Of course you’ll still feel like a dolt when Messi burns you because of a poor tackling attempt, but at least it’ll be because of your own inadequacy, rather than that of the game’s systems.

When it comes to annual franchises – especially those set within the rigid framework of a real world sport – innovation can be difficult. While the gameplay remains solid season to season, major features like last year’s player relationships can misfire. With FIFA 16 Coins, the focus was once again to bring changes to the pitch, and the game pulls it off. Additions like FUT Draft and Player Training are welcome and help beef up the already extensive game mode offerings, but it’s the action on the field of play that fans will remember the most. There are still occasional mishaps, but overall, FIFA 16 is a resounding success. With women’s teams, and a focus on attracting new fans, now is a great time to get your cleats on. And if you’re a seasoned vet, the notable steps taken closer to realism make the game worth checking out.

Most FIFA 16 keeper animations match closely what the pros would do

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This year’s installment of the multi-million unit selling FIFA series returns with not many improvements, but what is there and what has been added takes the game closer to the real-world experience. Electronic Arts have went with the ‘Play Beautiful’ mantra this year and it shows in-game as players have more ability on the ball to pull off the sensational and defenses are more organized thanks to the new AI covering system that does away with the gaping holes left in your backline in the FIFAs of yesteryear. We were lucky enough to go hands on with the game back at E3 2015 in June. In our short time with it, we found that the graphics are just about as good as they can get when it comes to mobile games.

It’s optimized and built from the ground up to be played on smaller displays, but will also look really great when played on a tablet. The joystick and buttons are large and pretty easy to find. Just like most other soccer titles, simple swipes can be used to pass and shoot the ball, or you can tap on another player to pass the ball to him. One thing to note is that this game features some great graphics, so it may not perform extremely well on all devices. The developer says it works well on more recent Android devices like the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, HTC One M8, Galaxy S6, etc. You’ll also need a massive 1.4GB of free storage space to download it.

The new commercial for the game features Leo Messi, Sergio Agüero, Alex Morgan and Pelé, playing alongside normal people. Everybody seems to be really into the game, which I will attest is usually the case every time anybody around me plays FIFA. Buy FIFA 16 Coins is due to launch on September 22, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. A more stripped down version will also be made available for the Xbox 360 and PS3, while various variants of the game will show up on the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii, iOS, and Android devices. Now, as for FIFA 16, this game will follow the same path as the others before it by running at the same 1080p and 60FPS on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. So, right away it is clear which Football game Xbox One owners should aspire to own by the end of 2015.

Whatever Konami is doing, something is just not going right. We suspect it has a lot to do with the Fox Engine, so Xbox One gamers should expect Metal Gear Solid: 5 to perform less when compared to the PlayStation 4 version. That natural feel owes heavily to the stunning array of animations in FIFA 16. Animations chain together very smoothly in most situations, avoiding the feeling that players are floating or snapping into preset animations during gameplay. Replays can feel slightly jerkier, but most often still manage to look surprisingly lifelike. Tackles, slides, collisions, shots, et al. are all absurdly diverse and a testament to the passion of the FIFA animation team. As impressive as this all looks in game, the places where the animations break down become all the more noticeable.

Case in point: taking ultra long range chicken shots on net. Most keeper animations match closely what the pros would do, except when the ball is miles from goal. In such situations, the goalie tends to stand rooted like a bloody oak tree, waiting for the ball to cross the penalty spot before diving ridiculously for a save – rather than shuffling a few steps and easily claiming the ball. “We think fans are going to be equally as excited with all the new ways as they have been with the gameplay in FIFA 16,” he said. “From hands-on gameplay events across the world, we’ve heard resoundingly positive feedback on the balanced and exciting experience we are building in FIFA 16.”

For the first time in the series, you can play with 12 Women’s National Soccer Teams. Online is as fun as ever with a brand new addition to Ultimate Team while adding in the training sessions to actually mean something in career mode is a wonderful and very welcomed addition. I say it just about every single year with sports titles in that the key is to avoid being called a “roster update” and nothing more. FIFA, year in and year out, has avoided getting slapped with this moniker, and this IP has separated itself from the pack. There is no reason you shouldn’t be picking this game up at launch. With a refined gameplay that requires a more tactical approach to achieve success, fine tuning of numerous details, and deeper options for both online and offline play, FIFA 16 has proven yet again to be the quintessential title for fans of the beautiful game.